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Posted almost 3 years ago by Randall Barnes

Dear colleagues and friends,

Today is a special day for our chapter; as we have accomplished another goal. It seems like yesterday, but in fact several years have passed, since accepting my nomination as chapter president. During my installation dinner, I spoke about change and not to fear adaptation and growth; but to embrace it. We have done just that. In just a few years we have grown our knowledge with amazing educational offerings thanks to our program chairs, Mary Walsh and Elizabeth Dow. We have changed the landscape of our seminars thanks to Gilda Taylor and our commitees ability to look outside the box and break away from conformity and we updated our online presence with a new website, online membership and social media feeds. 

Our chapter belongs to you, to us. Our goal together, at my installation dinner was to grow and change, to adapt to our future. We wouldn't be where we are today without our predecessors paving the way, but we also wouldn't go much further without properly handing over the baton. Today I leave you in the capable hands of our leadership team I like to call "The Elizabeth's". I have watched our president Elizabeth Campbell grow as a leader and although I was her advisor the past twelve months, she has innately grasped the role as president and now offers her wisdom as mentor to our president elect Elizabeth Dow.

As my four year presidential commitment comes to a close, I thank you all for the opportunity to serve you. I will now fall back into the ranks and watch as the new generation of leadership takes the reigns and paves way for our profession. Several years ago, I had the privlidge and honor to care for General George S. Patton Jr. and today I find the words of his father General George S. Patton most fitting. "...lead me, follow me or get out of the way". 

Many thanks for the tireless efforts of the board of directors, committee chairpersons and volunteers of the New England Chapter of INS. I commend you all on a job well done. 

Warmest regards,

Randall E. Barnes, RN, CRNI, VABC


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